When You Need a LOT of Yarn
a cone can be just right!
You asked and we listened! The Kraemer Yarns team has decided to maintain stock of coned yarn following a production run. Inventory will always be changing, so feel free to give us a call for the latest updates on what we have. The cones in this photo are Tatamy Tweed Purple. This is the best yarn for weavers! Each cone is $27.25 with 1125 yards.

Order the yarn online: http://www.kraemeryarns.com/yarn/ 
OR simply call us at 1-800-759-5601.
What a great time of year! The weather is cool enough to pull out and wear your handknits and the holiday hustle is still a few weeks out! Of course, if you are looking for a new pattern to knit for yourself, for the season, or to get a jump on holiday gifts, you don't have to go any further than the free patterns page on KraemerYarns.com

Here are just a few ideas for you! We invite you to share your projects with us, from start to finish! Remember you can post to our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram, or share in our Ravelry group!

Get the patterns by simply clicking any of the patterns below: 

You can see the colorways used in these patterns in the left column of the pattern.

Order the yarn online: http://www.kraemeryarns.com/yarn/ 
OR simply call us at 1-800-759-5601.

Here's Why We Do This...
We're In It Together!

by Victor at Kraemer Yarns

We love to celebrate the colors of the seasons! Our yarns certainly span the rainbow and allow for you to create crochet, knit and woven items in countless combinations. The same is also true for our rovings, so even the spinners and felters can enjoy a bit of color play as well. 

If you weave blankets, wraps, placemats, or even small projects on a small pin loom in Kraemer Yarns, we'd love to see your projects!

I absolutely love this yarn now that I have used it. I work in a shop and we have carried this yarn for a long time but I never tried it until recently when I wove a baby blanket for my next grandson. The blanket turned out to be very soft and the “hand” is wonderful. Will be weaving with this again. I would love it if this yarn could also be offered on cones with more yardage than that of the skein. - Spunsilver (Ravelry user)

We're thrilled to make the coned yarn available for all our weaving friends! Enjoy!